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Action for Advent is our message for Advent this year.

Designed to trigger prayer, reflection and action, we've brought together Bible readings, prayers, questions for reflection, suggestions for action and statistics about modern slavery in the UK.

The first Sunday of Advent is Sunday 28th November and we'll be posting the messages on The Clewer Initiative’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Each week will include the reading set for the Eucharist, followed by a prayer, written by Bishop Alastair Redfern, the chair of The Clewer Initiative. Bishop Alastair also poses a series of searching questions and offers suggestions about how people can put the Bible reading into practise in their own lives.

Please follow and share our Advent message on your own social media channels and in your communities – it would be wonderful if this Advent marked an uplift in prayer and action for the sake of the many hundreds of unseen victims of modern slavery in the UK.

Week by week advent resources

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