Ideas to structure corporate prayer

created for Anti-Slavery Day 2021

TSP prayers

For an All-Age service, you may like to structure your prayers, using the TSP abbreviation - Thank you, Sorry, Please.

Thank God for his character, his love, his empowering. Say sorry for the ways we have contributed to people being exploited and overlooked.

Say sorry for when we don’t notice people or care about others.

Ask God to bless our efforts to care for victims, bring slavery to an end, inspire and mobilise Christians to action.

Concentric circles

You could pray in concentric circles – for example, pray for our response, our churches, our country, our world.

You may want to focus on initiatives you know about in your church, our country and our world, on a particular country or form of modern slavery.


You could pray under categories – for victims, for churches and organisations working with victims, for our politicians, for our response.

The Clewer Initiative

Pray for the work of The Clewer Initiative – that God would use our efforts to mobilise many churches and communities and ultimately to identify and care for victims of modern slavery.

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