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During the course, you will discover how women are drawn into modern slavery and exploitative situations; what life can be like for them once they are rescued, and the many challenges they face as they recover from trauma. You will also find out more about sexual exploitation, labour exploitation and county lines and how to recognise signs of modern slavery.

"If there’s one thing that I wish people in the UK knew about human trafficking and modern slavery is that it is happening in this country. This isn’t something that just happens in foreign countries with foreign people. It happens here in the UK."

Louise Hulland
Journalist and modern slavery author

The course includes a series of short films with survivor stories and insight from front line experts, supported by materials to stimulate deeper consideration and reflection.

Explore a different theme each week, including the stages of a victim’s experience of exploitation, specific types of modern slavery affecting women and girls and ways that we might bring about change and recovery.

The films can also be watched as stand-alone documentaries.

Each module in the standard course follows the following structure:

  • a series of opening questions
  • a five-minute film
  • question time – an opportunity to reflect on issues raised in the film
  • in-depth articles from subject experts and interviews from people working directly with victims
  • extension – additional resources and information related to the week's topic.

Each module in the Lent course follows the following structure:

  • a series of opening questions
  • a five-minute film
  • question time – an opportunity to reflect on issues raised in the film
  • a passage from the Bible, accompanied by a reflection, discussion questions and prayer
  • background reading – statistics, quotes, interviews
  • extension – an opportunity to reflect more deeply and to find out more about the life and ministry of Harriet Monsell, the first Clewer sister.

Tips on running the course with a group:

  • distribute the booklet over e-mail (this is available either as a complete pack or weekly modules so you can choose how to use it)
  • organise a weekly zoom call so that you can work through and discuss the material together
  • check that you know how to share the films and documents over zoom so you can all work together.

Download the films

Use the links below to download the films if you need to use them offline

Download course materials

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Full Course Book

Fresh, hard-hitting and empowering - Women in the Shadows is our new resource, created to shine a light on the suffering of marginalised women.

WK 1 thumbnail

Week 1

Learn about how women and girls can get embroiled in exploitative situations and what we can do to join the fight against modern slavery.

WK 2 thumbnail

Week 2

Discover how women of all different nationalities and backgrounds can end up being sexually exploited and the damage this form of slavery can inflict.

WK 3 thumbnail

Week 3

Hear how workers can find themselves in debt to traffickers and working as slaves but also what businesses can do to spot the signs.

WK 4 thumbnail

Week 4

Find out more about county lines and what communities can do to reach out to vulnerable children and make the alternative to gang life more attractive.

WK 5 thumbnail

Week 5

Hear about how women and girls can begin to rebuild their lives post-slavery and learn what sort of support can help in their recovery.

"I'm still always shocked at the amount of people that don't know that this happens in our country and across the world. Awareness raising is very important."

Karen Anstiss
Bakhita House

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