Freedom Bus Leyland 2

A new bus for Lancashire

19th September 2023 | Awareness raising ideas

The Clewer Initiative

At the start of September, the Pan Lancashire Anti Slavery Partnership (PLASP) enjoyed its first outing with its new Freedom Bus.

Members of the PLASP were joined by the local Soroptimists and gathered in Leyland to help raise awareness of human trafficking and modern slavery, carrying placards and giving out leaflets. The bus attracted a huge amount of attention from members of the public and provided the team with lots of opportunities to talk about how to spot the signs of modern slavery.

The Freedom Bus, which has brand new signage including The Clewer Initiative's logo on the back, is a school bus during the week and then PLASP hires it for events and roadshows during the weekends.

Freedom Bus 2
Freedom Bus 3
Freedom Bus 1

Sion Hall explains: “The bus travels all over the county and all sorts of people notice it and observe the signage. It is bold and stands out and the Modern Slavery Helpline number is unmistakeable. We know that it has resulted in members of the public calling the helpline and making reports of potential slavery. It is just one way in which we are trying to fight modern slavery and exploitation in the Lancashire area and we believe the idea could work in other regions."

PLASP placards
Freedom Bus Leyland 2
Freedom Bus Leyland 3

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