How we work in Dioceses

We believe that the tools to end modern slavery already exist within every local community.

The Church of England is present in all communities and at the heart of many. We believe it has a responsibility to lead these efforts. The Clewer Initiative is committed to working extensively with dioceses, building their capacity to respond to modern slavery in their communities.

We work at varying levels with most of the 42 Church of England dioceses, either on community-based projects or by sharing learning and knowledge through our network (or both of course!). Through this national network we encourage dioceses to follow similar methodologies, increasing everyone’s effectiveness. We support and learn from one another and work towards a common outcome: a world without slavery.

The Church in Wales

We are also working with the Church in Wales who, at their Governing Body meeting in September 2019, passed a motion that condemned modern slavery in all its forms. Commenting on the motion, Bishop Gregory of the Diocese of Asaph said “You’re being asked to not just vote against slavery, you are being asked to move the Church in Wales to action.” We look forward to moving with them towards an end to modern slavery in Wales.

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Church Leaders

If you are a church leader and would like to help detect instances of modern slavery in your community and help provide victim support and care, please contact your local diocese to find out what they're doing and how you can get involved.

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Download resources such as posters and leaflets to raise awareness.

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