Anti-Slavery Day 2020 - Time to act

6th October 2020 | Modern slavery

The Clewer Initiative

What can you do today to join the fight against modern slavery?

It is easy to feel powerless when you consider the scale and horror of modern slavery. I am sure many of you find yourselves in conversations with people who express concern and interest but do not know how to channel this into action.

We believe that as a result of Anti-Slavery Day, many individuals will be wondering what they can do to make a difference. For this reason, we have developed a list of practical ideas that anyone can do.

We would love it if you could point people in the direction of this list – it is a great starting point. Alternatively, is there something that you could do today to raise awareness further or an idea below that you could adopt to build on what you are already doing in your community?

Each idea is simple but effective and could have a lasting impact in our communities.

  1. Become a champion – start talking to your friends, family, neighbours and colleagues about modern slavery. Take responsibility for raising awareness of national campaigns and events such as Anti-Slavery Day.
  2. Initiate a poster campaign –The Clewer Initiative posters are easily downloadable and printable. Where could you display them? Do you have access to a church building or community noticeboard?
  3. Start a book club – there are lots of interesting books written about modern slavery. Why not ask your friends if they would read Louise Hulland’s recently published book Stolen Lives with you?
  4. Download the Safe Car Wash or Farm Work Welfare app– with the app always at hand, you will be able to report any suspicious signs if you see them.
  5. Discover your slavery footprint – this innovative tool helps you understand more about your slavery footprint.
  6. Spread the word – download our #weseeyou frame to your Facebook profile and remind your friends that Anti-Slavery Day is coming soon.

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