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1st July 2021 | Hidden Voices

What did the delegates on London Hidden Voices course really think?

The Clewer Initiative

The Diocese of London recently held the final session of its Hidden Voices course. The four-week course, which was designed and facilitated by The Clewer Initiative, aims to help churches and communities respond to modern slavery.

Our hope is that by the end of Hidden Voices, people will feel inspired to take action against modern slavery in their own community. The question is – does the course live up to our expectations? What did the delegates on the London course really think?

“I've learnt to identify the key questions to ask in my community about modern slavery.”
“I've learnt about foodbanks being a place where we should offer more support and awareness around slavery. I've learnt also about what "cuckooing" is!”
“For me I have learnt that it's not about them and us but we all belong to the Community with an invitation to journey to the Promised Land - it's been a great experience!”
“Modern Slavery is prevalent, it's hidden, but simply raising awareness goes a long way to exposing it and dismantling it. Anywhere where vulnerable groups gather is at risk and needs to
be equipped to respond. I want to know what's happening in my community and who to speak to so we can work together to tackle this.”
“I’ve learnt that there is a community building from this course and that we can support each other as we move forward.”
“I have learned so much. In particular, this course has given me a very
clear structure for developing a community initiative. This is hugely helpful at a time when a modern slavery action group is developing in Rome… Thank you!”
“Thinking about how modern slavery is happening in the particular context of where I am based in West London and meeting others working on the issue and how we can respond to build more resilient communities.”
“I have loved the emphasis on the community engaging in this area rather than just as individuals. I have been challenged to think more creatively about how to respond to Modern Slavery as a community.”
“It’s been very eye-opening and I feel encouraged by the idea that we all have things to offer even when we think we don’t. I feel inspired into action!!”
“I have learned so much about how modern slavery happens in the UK and will know what to look out for or what is suspicious behaviour.”

Compassionate Communities, which is part of the Diocese of London and hosted the Hidden Voices group, is beginning to pioneer a number of modern slavery projects.

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