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How has the Safe Car Wash App been improved?

7th April 2022 | Hand Car Wash

The Clewer Initiative

The Clewer Initiative has worked hard over the last few months to redevelop the Safe Car Wash app. The updated app has now been released, and the team is delighted with the outcome!

Myles Dunnett, Programme Development Manager for The Clewer Initiative, explains: “We have listened to our app users, making key changes to the content, functionality, and performance of the app from the perspective of the consumer. We have also listened to the organisations and law enforcement agencies who use our data, making changes to give them the precise data they need to follow-up on reports of modern slavery and exploitation. We believe the improvements we have made to the app will make a big difference to consumers, as well as the Modern Slavery Helpline and the network of statutory authorities who use the data every week to help them fight modern slavery in their communities.

“For example, it is now much easier to submit a report to the Modern Slavery Helpline, as this can be done automatically at the click of a button, with no need to call and relate all the details over the phone. We have also removed the requirement to submit any personal data when filing a report, unless users choose to do so. We hope these changes will remove any barriers to reporting and increase the number of reports going through to the Modern Slavery Helpline and law enforcement agencies. The location function is also much more sophisticated – users are now able to pinpoint the exact location of a car wash on a map and confirm the precise street address and postcode. The back-end data website has been improved significantly, so that data partners will be able to access the information on an intuitive, user-friendly, and compliant platform. Finally, we have updated the content, questions, and weighting, reflecting changes in the landscape of exploitation at hand car washes.”

The redeveloped Safe Car Wash app is live across all major app stores now. If you visit a hand car wash, be sure to try the new features for yourself by submitting a report on the app!

Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

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Why get involved?

We need you to help make sure hand car washes in the UK are safe for everyone.

By each of us doing a small thing, we can help make a massive difference. Victims of modern slavery are real people - just like every one of us, but they are trapped in exploitation, living under threat of violence and have nowhere to turn.

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