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How has the Women in the Shadows Lent course been received?

2nd March 2021 | Women in the Shadows

We are delighted by the response to the Women in the Shadows films and Lent Course. It has been praised by individuals and organisations within the modern slavery arena, the faith community and secular world.

The Clewer Initiative

Within days of the launch, we received endorsements on Twitter from the Archbishop of Canterbury, Archbishop of York and the Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner.

The trailer has been watched more than 1,000 times and the individual films between 100 & 500 times, depending on the topic. We expect these numbers to grow significantly as Lent progresses and word spreads.

We also organised our first Facebook Live Event where four participants from the Women in the Shadows films discussed some of the issues raised by the resource. Louise Hulland, Jen Baines (GLAA), Bishop Alastair Redfern (TCI) and Alison Logier (Hestia) spoke for more than 30 minutes about women and exploitation and what individuals, communities and churches can do to join the fight. The event was watched more than 1,000 times within 24 hours, a remarkable number of views for our first foray into this medium!

It is early days but 157 individuals have signed up to find out more about the Lent Course and it is already being run in churches and cathedrals around the world including All Saints Anglican Church in Rome, Falmouth & Penryn Churches Together, Othona Bradwell-on-Sea, Brentwood Cathedral and Lincoln Cathedral.

The films have been translated into Italian and will be used by Mediterranean Hope, one of our partner organisations, working in Italy. In addition, we are currently developing the written resource so that it can be used more widely by secular audiences such as in schools and by community groups.

We continue to hope and pray that Women in the Shadows would help highlight the plight of marginalised women and girls in the UK and stir many to concrete action. Thank you once again for your support and if you haven’t watched the films yet or read the devotional material, we encourage you to do so!

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