Iconic buildings turn red to say STOP to modern slavery

25th October 2021 | Anti-Slavery Day

The Clewer Initiative

On Anti-Slavery Day, many iconic buildings were illuminated red to communicate to passers-by that slavery must stop.

We are grateful to the many organisations who got involved in our campaign– it is not always as simple as it looks to light up a building a particular colour.

The Archbishop of Canterbury turned Lambeth Palace red and tweeted the following message of support:

“As buildings are lit up red for #AntiSlaveryDay2021 today, may we shine light on those who are held in slavery, oppressed, trafficked and in the power of others. May God grant justice, freedom and healing to those suffering in darkness.”

The photo was seen by thousands of people on social media channels and retweeted, liked, commented upon, and shared by dozens.

We were also excited to see these buildings lit up in support of our campaign:

  • Blackpool Tower
  • Marine Hall, Fleetwood
  • St Stephens in Bath
  • Peterborough Cathedral
  • Lincoln Cathedral
  • St Edmundsbury Cathedral
  • Rochester Cathedral
  • St Johns the Evangelist, Redhill
Lambeth Palace
Blackpool tower
Marine Hall
St Johns
St Stephens
St Edmundsbury

We understand that Exeter, Portsmouth, Canterbury, and Sheffield Cathedrals turned red too and we look forward to seeing many more photos soon.

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