Identifying & mitigating risks in the EU Settlement Scheme & UK’s new points-based immigration system

2nd March 2021

Last month, the Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner published a new report identifying and mitigating risks in the EU Settlement Scheme and UK’s new points-based immigration system. It makes sobering reading…

The Clewer Initiative

Traffickers are swift to adapt and will seek to abuse new arrangements. There are many risks associated with the new regulations which the Commissioner highlights in her report.

For example, many victims and survivors of modern slavery do not have the evidence and documentation required to apply for settled status. Secondly, there are real concerns that certain vulnerable communities are not aware of the need to convert pre-settled status to settled status.

As the demand for low skilled labour continues post Brexit, there is a real risk that the visitor route could increasingly be used to facilitate entry of those intending to work informally and who may be at risk of exploitation.

The Commissioner has urged ministers and government officials to stress test the new immigration system to ensure the vulnerable are protected. She also makes several important recommendations.

She states that the quality and compliance of sponsors under the new points-based system is vital. Steps must be taken to ensure that individuals are not only paid the correct amount, but that employers are not able to reclaim money or pass on costs to individuals. Secondly, effective labour market enforcement is more important than ever. Certain sectors will be disproportionately impacted and trends in exploitation and changes to the labour market must be closely monitored. Resourcing for more inspection and enforcement requires careful consideration. Finally, communication of migrant workers’ rights is crucial.

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