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Marking Lent 2022

1st March 2022 | Children in the Shadows

The Clewer Initiative

Lent and Easter is extremely late this year but at last, it is upon us. Traditionally people give something up for Lent - vices like chocolate, internet shopping and wine are often top of the hit list! However, wouldn’t it be profitable if this Lent, instead of being a couple of pounds lighter, you did something meaningful and lasting such as growing in your understanding of modern slavery.

That’s the rationale behind our new Children in the Shadows course. It has been launched to coincide with Lent and is a five week jam-packed course, full of insight about child exploitation, contributory factors, and how communities can fight back .

Each week focuses on a different way in which modern slavery impacts children in the UK and beyond and includes definitions, statistics, insight from frontline experts, examples of current good practice, and suggestions of how individuals and churches can make a significant contribution to extending care and strengthening resilience and resistance in their communities.

We are particularly thankful to Ben Lindsay, founder of Power The Fight and Becky Lewis, the Strategic Safeguarding and Quality Assurance Service Manager at Bristol City Council. Between them, they have recorded 14 short films in which they share some of their reflections on County Lines, contextual safeguarding, spirit-filled activism, ground engagement and air engagement, to name just a few.

We have designed the material to work effectively for groups or individuals and we hope that everyone will be encouraged and challenged by the Bible reflections and questions that Bishop Alastair Redfern has pulled together from Luke 18. Jesus’ interactions and teaching in this section of Luke’s gospel provide ample food for thought, prayer and reflection.

Children in the Shadows can be used at any time of year – not solely Lent – so please take a look now and spread the word amongst your community and network. We believe the resource, like last year’s Women in the Shadows material, could also be of benefit to secular community groups, youth workers, and teachers.

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