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Safeguarding Refugees

8th April 2022 | Modern slavery

The Clewer Initiative

In recent weeks, high numbers of people have been displaced due to the war in Ukraine. Church communities across Europe are looking at ways to help support those affected. Many will be providing help and some will be hosting refugees.

Unfortunately, refugees have increased vulnerability to exploitation, including modern slavery and human trafficking. It is essential that those providing support are aware of the risks. To learn more about modern slavery watch this video.

Here are some simple things you can do to help to raise awareness, and to ensure that concerns about modern slavery are being recognised and responded to effectively.

Educate yourself

  • There is a range of information about modern slavery and human trafficking on The Clewer Initiative website
  • You can access eLearning about modern slavery and human trafficking in the resources section of the Church of England training portal
  • You can learn more about the experience of victims and survivors by watching this video.

Raise awareness

  • Circulate this information to others
  • Download and display posters to raise awareness of the signs of modern slavery and how to get help.

Provide information for those who may be vulnerable

  • Read this blog post about supporting Ukrainian refugees on The Clewer Initiative website
  • Access resources about workers’ rights for Ukrainian speakers here.

Get advice

  • It is important that you refer any concerns about Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking through your safeguarding lead. You can also get advice from the Modern Slavery Helpline. They provide services and support in 200 languages.

It is important that as part of an effective response we take steps to educate ourselves and other about the signs of modern slavery and human trafficking, to provide information to people we are supporting about the risks to them, and to ensure that we know how to respond effectively.

Access training about modern slavery here. You will need to create a log in if you don’t have one. The training is in the resources section.

If you suspect modern slavery, report it.

If you have any suspicions or think you have identified signs of modern slavery, it is important that you make a report.

Do not attempt to intervene yourself as you may put yourself and others, including the potential victim, in danger

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