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Modern slavery in food banks and warm banks

13th December 2022

The Clewer Initiative

The number of vulnerable people seeking support from food banks is predicted to get even worse this winter as the cost of living cripples many on the margins of society.

As well as food banks and pantries, local councils and community organisations are responding to the looming social emergency by establishing “warm spaces.” These community hubs are a brilliant way for people to gather and stay warm.

Unfortunately these initiatives, which churches are often at the forefront of, could prove rich picking grounds for criminal gangs looking for vulnerable people to exploit.

It is therefore vital that everyone involved – managers, volunteers and users – are aware of the tactics used by criminal gangs and the signs to look out for.

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The Clewer Initiative has specially designed resources for use in food banks to raise awareness of modern slavery amongst volunteers and victims. It also has bespoke safeguarding training to inform and equip frontline volunteers and safeguarding officers.

If you are involved in a food bank or warm bank, please sign up today for our training; download our resources and tell your colleagues. We must ensure modern slavery is at the forefront of our minds as we run these vital social action projects this winter.

When we meet food bank volunteers, we find very few have had modern slavery training. This must change so we ensure vulnerable people in food banks are not targeted by criminal gangs.

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