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#OrdinaryActivists goes live!

4th October 2021 | Anti-Slavery Day

The Clewer Initiative

#OrdinaryActivists, we are so excited about our Anti-Slavery Day campaign that seeks to tell the stories of 12 Clewer friends and partners.

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Last month, The Clewer Initiative launched its #OrdinaryActivists campaign to shine a light on some of the amazing acts of service and projects that ordinary volunteers devote their time to. We interviewed more than a dozen men and women across the UK (and Italy!) who have worked alongside The Clewer Initiative, raising awareness and supporting victims.

In some ways, they are just ordinary people who have felt compelled to act against injustice. They haven’t necessarily got formal counselling or social work qualifications and some of them have only recently found out about the modern slavery epidemic. Many of them fit their activism around other roles and responsibilities.

In other ways, they are extraordinary. They give their time freely to care for victims and raise awareness of modern slavery in their communities and further afield.

So far, we have shared online the stories of Linds Batson in Bradford on Avon; Nicky Vaughan in Peterborough; Júlia Tomás, Amy Bishop and Hope Virgo from London and Rosie Stiven from Salisbury.

As well as learning from the ordinary activists that we introduce, we would love to hear your story of ordinary activism. Please use the hashtag #OrdinaryActivists to introduce us to the people in your community who are fighting against modern slavery. Go to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram and look out for our activist stories!


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