Our Brand

16th July 2020

The Clewer Initiative

We're making some small changes to our logo and visual identity. Hopefully they will be so subtle that you will hardly notice but we hope the changes make our logo and materials appear stronger and clearer.

Since The Clewer Initiative began in 2017, our brand has been received positively and is well recognised among our partners, networks and community projects but we have received some feedback about its use and visual clarity in certain contexts. That’s why we’re making some changes.

Much of our work is centred on raising awareness of modern slavery and bringing the subject out of the shadows and into the public consciousness. Victims of modern slavery are often hidden in plain sight and it is only by helping people in all communities understand where it may be present and spot the signs that we can help bring it to an end.

Our brand is an important feature of the work we do. It represents our aim of ‘shining a light’ on the problem and the victims. We want to say ‘we see you’ to the people who may feel helpless and ignored. We also want to say ‘we see you’ to the exploiters who profit from the abuse of others.

That’s why we’ve retained all the key features of our identity. The changes we’ve made are centred on strengthening the colours and text and ensuring that the way we combine and use them is clear, bold and easier to read.

The changes will be introduced gradually as we create new or update existing materials. Below are some examples of how the changes will look. For more information please contact clewerinitiative@churchofengland.org

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