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9th November 2020 | Awareness raising ideas

Under current coronavirus restrictions Lichfield is finding new ways of working to raise awareness of modern slavery.

The Clewer Initiative

Because of the current Coronavirus restrictions, the team in Lichfield (Transforming Communities Together, Lichfield Diocese Mothers’ Union and the Clewer Initiative) is exploring new and innovative ways to raise awareness of Modern Slavery and support action. The result is four brilliant projects…

1. Podcasts – listen to Debbie Huxton and James Henderson interview Wendy Simms and Piotr Pula, who are on the frontline of fighting Modern Slavery in Sandwell. Within a few days of Piotr attending a Modern Slavery awareness training, he was able to identify two victims of modern slavery, which led to the discovery of one of the largest slavery networks in the UK with more than 400 victims.

2. A series of videos entitled 'Hidden in Plain Sight' – they are tailored for Christians to engage with the subject of Modern Slavery but are of benefit to people of all faiths and none. They hope to shoot more of these in the future.

3. Online seminars - this month, the team is organising several online Modern Slavery Awareness Seminars. Spaces are still available.

4. A Mothers’ Union awareness raising video - through our funders (Lichfield Diocese Mothers’ Union and CAF) we have been able to professionally film the awareness raising session. We hope to launch this in January to all churches in Lichfield Diocese and offer it to all Mothers’ Union group across England via the Southern and Northern Province Presidents.

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