Stolen Lives, by Sony Award winning journalist Louise Hulland

6th October 2020 | Modern slavery

The Clewer Initiative

Louise Hulland is a Sony Award winning journalist, TV and radio presenter and documentary maker. She has been investigating the plight of victims of modern slavery and human trafficking since 2010 and has reported widely on the subject in print and on radio and TV.

Her new book, Stolen Lives, is described by Jeremy Vine as “a must read.”

Stolen Lives examines trafficking and slavery in Britain, hearing from those on the front line, including the police and charities involved with support and recovery. It contains powerful and moving testimony from survivors and reveals the individual stories behind the headlines. It charts one young woman's terrifying and ultimately inspiring journey to freedom and independence and it shows how we can make a difference.

It is easy to read and provides a shocking introduction to modern slavery in the UK. Get your copy today!

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