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6th May 2021 | Rural

Five reasons for farmers and growers to download the app

The Clewer Initiative

Over the last couple of months, we have written a lot about the Farm Work Welfare App and the presence of criminal gangs who are looking to exploit the current shortage of migrant workers.

If you are a farmer or grower and still unsure about the purpose of the app, we have boiled it down to five reasons.

Five reasons for farmers and growers to download the app

  1. Understand what makes your business and workers vulnerable to labour exploitation – the app contains information on how criminal gangs operate, what makes some workers vulnerable to exploitation and what businesses can do to recognise and prevent worker abuse and exploitation in their operations.
  2. Keep on top of employment law and practices – the app helps businesses make sure they are fulfilling all their responsibilities. It provides information and guidance on how to source seasonal workers, find and check licensed labour providers and how to verify documentation and right-to-work status. It also explains the penalties for employing undocumented and illegal workers.
  3. Identify warning signs of exploitation and labour abuse– this could be certain patterns of behaviour, a worker’s appearance, or something unusual in their home lives.
  4. Know what to do if concerned about a worker – you can use the app to report concerns or suspicions about labour providers or the treatment of workers.
  5. Expert tips and useful links - including sample questions to ask labour providers and workers, as well as links on labour standards, protecting workers, supply chain audits and transparency and information on the EU Settlement Scheme, UK Points Based Immigration and the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Scheme.

To find out more about the Farm Work Welfare App, visit

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