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The Clewer Initiative celebrates its Cathedral projects

23rd April 2024

The Clewer Initiative

Over the last year, The Clewer Initiative has worked in partnership with cathedrals across the country to raise awareness of modern slavery and engage local communities with anti-slavery projects.

Cathedrals, with their prominence and reach within a diocese, are uniquely positioned to deliver and inspire anti-slavery work.

We have partnered with many cathedral teams to take advantage of this strategic positioning in the heart of communities.

In particular, we have supported:

  • A powerful photographic exhibitions in Lincoln Cathedral
  • A Schools Day and art exhibition in Ely Cathedral
  • A partnership with The Glaziers’ Company and Southwark Cathedral
  • A county lines schools day in Worcester Cathedral
  • Refugee Week in Canterbury Cathedral

Each cathedral has taken a different approach and either focused on a specific form of modern slavery such as county lines or a particular demographic such as refugees or school children. Some have used Anti-Slavery Day as a seasonal hook, others have organised events to coincide with Refugee Week or half term.

These projects have resulted in hundreds of people finding out more about modern slavery and considering their part in tackling the crime.

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