The Clewer Initiative joins Linked In

24th May 2021

This month, The Clewer Initiative has joined LinkedIn.

The Clewer Initiative

This isn't a gimmick for us - it is a vital way to reach a new audience.

In the UK, LinkedIn has around 26 million members and it usually appeals to professionals, jobseekers, entrepreneurs, and others looking to create professional networks. Research shows that 14 per cent of UK adults use LinkedIn several times a day and a third (30%) say they use the platform once a week.

We want to use our LinkedIn account to connect with adults in the business community and highlight the role businesses can play in identifying modern slavery in their supply chain. For the next few months, connecting with people who work in farming, horticulture and food production is a particular priority so we can share information about the Farm Work Welfare App.

If you are already on LinkedIn, please follow us and invite your connections to follow too. We are desperate to make inroads into the business sector and to use this platform to engage many more people.

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