The future of The Clewer Initiative

13th November 2019

The Clewer Initiative

Our lead officer gives an update on the future of The Clewer Initiative.

Those of you who have been following us closely will know that The Clewer Initiative was originally a three year project and that we should have been finishing in November 2019. We are happy to announce that we have accepted continued and enhanced funding from the Clewer Trustees which enables us to potentially carry on for a further 10 years.

We are pleased to be able to continue our work against modern slavery, but we know it will be an uphill battle. Whatever the nitty gritty of our theology about sin, it is clear that mankind will always fall short of the intention God has for us, and that sadly the likelihood is that the falling short may lead to us exploiting others.

Having said that, The Clewer Team is determined to do our very best! In addition to our Lead Officer, we are employing two extra staff (find out who they are in the interviews below) as ‘in the field’ Development Workers and are recruiting a Marketing Specialist to help us grow our communications network.

We will continue to support our amazing diocesan leads – these busy people continue to do what they can to promote our work, to embed it into diocesan structures and to engage with communities within parishes who are determined to tackle modern slavery in their midst.

In February 2020 we will be seeking the input of these diocesan leads as we finalise our strategic plan for the next five years. We must also give recognition to the vital role that other organisations and faith groups play and we look forward to an increased number of fruitful partnerships.

Please continue to support us so that together we can work towards the end of modern slavery.

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