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The Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner meets the team!

12th March 2024 | From our team

The Clewer Initiative

Eleanor Lyons, the Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner since December 2023, met representatives from The Clewer Initiative to find out more about their work and hopes for the future.

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During the meeting, the team was able to discuss the vital importance of prevention and how The Clewer Initiative has a unique opportunity to work in this space. The Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner also wanted to find out more about how The Clewer Initiative is tackling county lines, something she is deeply concerned about. The team informed Eleanor about its county lines training courses and awareness raising campaigns, as well as the many events it has helped to organise in cathedrals for school children and local communities.

Eleanor Lyons comments: “The work of The Clewer Initiative is vital in combatting modern-day slavery, especially in the preventative aspect of this space. Through their outreach to young people in schools, alongside their county line training courses, The Clewer Initiative performs invaluable grassroots work that helps vulnerable people in society to better recognise the signs of modern-day slavery in their lives and the lives of those around them. I look forward to continuing to work with The Clewer Initiative across my term as Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner.”

Caroline Virgo, director of The Clewer Initiative, adds: “It was energising to meet with Eleanor Lyons and learn that she shares our belief that preventative work is critical in the fight against modern slavery. It was sobering to discuss the way in which children and young people are getting drawn into slavery but it underlined, once again, the importance of our county lines training programme and awareness raising.”

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