What can people do to tackle exploitation?

4th December 2020

This is a very difficult question to answer when the victims of the crime are typically made invisible within our society by clever and resourceful exploiters.

The Clewer Initiative

If you take the time to to understand the victims, the exploiters and the crime itself, the power of the general public in tackling this crime is extraordinary.

The crime, when broken down, is very simple and involves perpetrators (in every case) wanting to gain access to the money of victims. These victims have some sort of vulnerability that requires them to rely on someone else and the exploiters move themselves into a position of power and reliance. The exploiters are simply running a business enterprise.

The victim does not realise they are a victim until it is too late, they are vulnerable already but they become further disenfranchised and ultimately afraid or unwilling to speak of their circumstances. The business model is lucrative for the exploiters and they will do anything to hide their activities.

In a very short space of time, the process makes the victims completely invisible.

The Clewer Initiative’s “We see You” is great but we need to turn it into reality and open our eyes to see these desperate people.

Think of the activities you can do to Prevent the crime. Communicate workers’ rights and welfare standards, create communication channels and awareness posters. Train yourself and others to really understand the issue and take the time to understand and engage with those most vulnerable in our immediate society.

You will never prevent all cases but ensure you have the necessary processes, partners and communication channels to deal with those you cannot prevent. Ensure you prepare for prevention tactics to be successful and you are well placed to help protect the victims and gather evidence to ensure you can work with authorities to pursue the offenders.

Now go look for those vulnerable people. Check on their welfare.

If you do this a hundred times and in 99 of them there is no issue, may I congratulate you on changing the life of a fellow human.

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