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People are being forced to work long hours, for little or no pay, and under threat of violence in hand car washes.

Many hand car washes are legitimate businesses, but some are not.

Modern slavery is happening in hand car washes in towns and cities up and down the country.

When found, victims are often living in horrendous conditions.

Although it is well recognised by law enforcement and central and local government that this problem exists, there is little reliable data on just how widespread it is. This lack of information means that victims could be falling through the net.

What does the Safe Car Wash app do?

The Safe Car Wash app enables anyone who uses hand car washes to take part in a UK wide community intelligence gathering exercise. It helps us gather information on the location of individual hand car washes and the working conditions on each.

This intelligence it vital to building a clear picture of the hand car wash sector - how many there are, where they are, when new ones pop up and where there is the most likely risk of modern slavery.

The app also includes the ability to report concerns to the Modern Slavery Helpline.

How does it work?

The app asks a series of questions related to the indicators of modern slavery and if there is a high likelihood that modern slavery is occurring in the hand car wash, you will be asked to report your concerns to the Modern Slavery Helpline.

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Why get involved?

We need you to help make sure hand car washes in the UK are safe for everyone.

By each of us doing a small thing, we can help make a massive difference. Victims of modern slavery are real people - just like every one of us, but they are trapped in exploitation, living under threat of violence and have nowhere to turn.

"This citizen engagement in data collection is a powerful technique with potential for mapping other vulnerable services."

Zoe Trodd, Rights Lab.

The data

The data from all reports through the app is collected and mapped against car washes throughout the country. The data collected is anonymised and shared with the National Crime Agency and the Gangmasters & Labour Abuse Authority, two law enforcement agencies who are leading on efforts to stamp out modern slavery across the UK.

How effective is the app?

Since launching the Safe Car Wash app in June 2018, it has been downloaded around 29,000 times and we have received thousands of reports.

"The Safe Car Wash app is a great way of utilising the technology available."

Roger Bannister, Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority.

Download resources such as posters and leaflets to raise awareness.

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