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The Diocese of Portsmouth has long been a part of the fight against modern slavery in its area.

It is an active member of the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Modern Slavery partnership, which was launched in 2015. It brings together the church, statutory agencies and charities to help bring an end to modern slavery in the area.

Key features of the Diocese of Portsmouth

The shape of Portsmouth

The Diocese of Portsmouth is made up of 11,000 or so worshippers in 139 Church of England parishes. The diocese stretches from Emsworth in the east, to the River Hamble in the west, includes the Isle of Wight and goes all the way up to Blackmoor, north of Petersfield. Most notably, it is a coastal diocese with a Naval base, and an International Port with both commercial and tourist traffic.

Working in Partnership

The Diocese of Portsmouth is a member of the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Modern Slavery Partnership. Its vision is to make the area "a supportive place for victims and a hostile place for perpetrators of modern slavery”. Its objectives cover raising awareness of modern slavery, identifying and supporting victims and pursuing perpetrators of modern slavery, all enabled through working in partnership.

Living by the seaside

As we are an island nation, many of our dioceses border the sea, but the Diocese of Portsmouth is closely connected with it, thanks to a few factors. The diocesan cathedral is known as the Cathedral of the Sea, and is filled with many reminders of the ocean and those who travel or make their living on it. The diocese also includes the Isle of Wight, another (slightly smaller!) island. In 2017, the diocese held a training on slavery in the shipping industry, a persistent problem which we hope to work together to help tackle.

Live Pray Serve

Live, pray, serve is the motto of the Diocese of Portsmouth. It expresses how they seek to equip people to live as disciples of Christ; to pray, individually and together as worshipping communities; and to serve their local neighbourhoods and society together.

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