Could you spot the signs of modern slavery?

Learn how to spot the signs of modern slavery, what to do if you encounter it and how you can report it.

What does modern slavery look like?

Modern slavery doesn't always look the same. Victims may be of any age, race or gender. There is no typical victims. However, there are some physical and behavioural indicators that may mean someone is being exploited:

Spotting the signs

Modern slavery in children

In 2020, more than half of victims of modern slavery identified in the UK (referred to the National Referral Mechanism) were children.

Spotting the signs in children
Who to call children

If you suspect modern slavery, report it.

If you have any suspicions or think you have identified signs of modern slavery, it is important that you make a report.

Do not attempt to intervene yourself as you may put yourself and others, including the potential victim, in danger

Report it

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