Breaking County Lines downloads

We hope that by using this resource you will feel informed, inspired and ready to take some action in your communities.

Course modules include:

  • understanding county lines
  • detection of county lines
  • protecting children, young people and vulnerable adults
  • building resilience.

Course videos:

The following videos are used for each module and provide case studies and biblical reflections on the main themes of each module. Not all of the films are part of the online course due to the time restrictions of 2 hour sessions, but they are listed below as useful resources about county lines.

Many of the films show a short animation telling the story of an individual who has been impacted by county lines. These films could be upsetting. Sources of emotional support should be signposted for people in case they trigger any distress. More information on where to get support/advice is included in the course handbook.

Download module 1 films or watch below

Download module 2 films or watch below

Download module 4 films or watch below

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