Children in the Shadows


Children in the Shadows is a five-week interactive resource for Lent that will help us consider the various forms of child exploitation, the scale of the abuse, and the need for us all to increase our awareness and effective response.

Each session contains definitions, statistics, examples of current good practice, and ways in which individuals and churches can make a significant contribution to extending care and strengthening resilience and resistance in their communities.

There is also a passage of scripture to inspire our response and a prayer to draw our reflections together. Each session concludes with the words of two new hymns, written for The Clewer Initiative by Sheena Evans and Simon Hancock.

We hope you will join with others this Lent in study, reflection, prayer and praise so that God’s kingdom can be proclaimed, and His exploited children find hope and purpose.

"To be a child is to be, by definition, vulnerable. Sadly, many unscrupulous and criminal people deliberately take advantage of this susceptibility and exploit children for financial gain. The damage done to children abused in this way never goes away."

Bishop Alastair Redfern, Chair of The Clewer Initiative

Children in the Shadows

the full five week course

Square 1

An introduction to Children in the Shadows

by Bishop Alastair Redfern, the chair of The Clewer Initiative

Square 1b

Week 1

The shocking truth about children & modern slavery in the UK

Square 2

Week 2

The price the family pays

Square 3

Week 3

An introduction to County Lines

Square 4

Week 4

The push factors for County Lines

Square 5

Week 5

The global scene

Square 6


by Caroline Virgo, the Director of The Clewer Initiative

"There is an urgent need for churches to support the creation of more resilient and healthy communities where all children can grow and develop in safety. The church also has a key role in identifying children in its orbit that are being exploited or who may be susceptible to exploitation."

Bishop Alastair Redfern, Chair of The Clewer Initiative

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