Food banks training

This training package supports food banks in learning how they might come across modern slavery in their project and how to respond.

About our training for food bank volunteers

Food banks provide support to some of the most vulnerable in our communities and during the cost of living crisis there have been increased levels of demand. Vulnerability is one of the key factors which can lead to a person becoming exploited and it is important that food banks are aware of how they might come into contact with victims of modern slavery.

This training package is designed for volunteers and those working at food banks to be aware of the signs of modern slavery, how they might come into contact with victims through their work and how to respond. The package includes a powerpoint presentation which could be used as part of wider volunteer training as well as posters to display at your food bank and safeguarding response flow chart.

What is in the training:

  • Spotting the signs of modern slavery.
  • The connection between vulnerability and modern slavery.
  • Case studies.
  • How to ensure projects are ‘slavery proof’.
  • How to report modern slavery.
  • Safeguarding information.

Training and poster downloads

Download resources such as posters and leaflets to raise awareness.

The Clewer Initiative owns the intellectual property rights of all training materials which are available through attendance on one of our courses, or downloadable from our website, including but not limited to: text, artwork, drawings, designs, video and audio.

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