The Journey of a Modern Slavery Victim

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Artist Bill Crooks portrays the journey of a modern slavery victim in 15 compelling images.

In each cluster of drawings, he reflects some of the themes of the traditional "stations of the cross".

Watch an animated version...

Week 1 - Caught and Condemned

  • What do these images communicate about how it feels to be a victim of modern slavery?
  • How does slavery often begin?
  • What sort of people do criminal gangs usually target?
Contemporary 1
Contemporary 2
Contemporary 3b

Week 2 - First Responders

  • What might it look like to show compassion to victims of modern slavery in your community?
  • What is the first step? Who can you notice and reach out to in your neighbourhood?
Contemporary 4
Contemporary 5
Contemporary 6

Week 3 - False Starts and New Directions

How do these images help us be honest about modern slavery challenges and setbacks and how we can be complicit in victims falling back into exploitation?

Contemporary 7
Contemporary 8
Contemporary 9

Week 4 - Systemic Failure

When you look at these images, how do you see systems crushing the life out of this victim?

Contemporary 10
Contemporary 11
Contemporary 12

Week 5 - A New Journey Begins

How do these images convey the experience of victims post rescue – living in the shadow of the tomb and the light of the future?

Contemporary 13
Contemporary 14 could use this one instead
Contemporary 15

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