Anita's story

This is the true story of Anita. Details have been changed to protect her identity.

Worldwide, women and girls make up 99% of all victims of forced sexual exploitation.

"I grew up in a very traditional family in Albania.
They allowed me to go to college
and there I fell in love
But my family wanted me to marry someone else.

So my boyfriend and I ran away to Rome.
I range my family but they disowned me.
In Rome my boyfriend became a different person,
not loving, saying I belonged to him,
forcing me to perform sexual acts.

Then one day he left and never came back.

Another man came to the hotel room with a gun
and told me that he'd paid my boyfriend €3,000 for me
and that if I didn't come with him he'd kill me.

He moved me to the UK
and I was forced to have sex with whoever he told me to
so many different men in different flats.

We were constantly being moved around.
There were a number of girls with me but no one from Albania.
No one spoke my language.

We lived in terrible cramped conditions,
some of us got pregnant from the sex.
I was forced to see more and more clients in filthy bedrooms.

I had nowhere to go, no clothes except for the sex worker clothes.
I felt so ashamed,
abandoned by my family, betrayed by my boyfriend,
working seven days a week like an animal.
No phone, no I.D.
and he told me that I would get in trouble if the police find me.
And then in January 2018 the police raided the house,
I didn't even know which part of the UK I was in.

They took me to a safe house
and I received medical attention for injuries I received as a slave.
Now I slowly start to rebuild my life.

I can't forget the past
But I hope for a future."

Written by April de Angelis, performed by Sasha Alexis

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