Week 3 UN Assemblee1

New artwork communicating the horrors of exploitation

14th December 2023 | From our team

The Clewer Initiative

We have commissioned artist, Bill Crooks, to draw a series of pictures to help bring to life key themes from True Freedom, our new Lent course.

Each week in True Freedom, participants are invited to discuss two drawings and reflect on how they make them feel or how they add to their understanding of modern slavery and exploitation.

We are excited about this extra element as art can touch our hearts in different ways to words and drive home key messages about the horror of exploitation and the plight of victims as well as provide an inspiring vision of the church's role.

Twelve contemporary drawings from True Freedom

Week 1 - The Call of the Criminal

When, where and how are people in your community hearing false calls?

Week 1 computer man in blue
Week 1 trucks

Week 2 - Commodities or Children of God?

How do these images make you feel?

When are you in danger of overlooking people?

What divisions exist within your community?

Week 2 Child in the dollar bag
Week 2 walking on by1

Week 3 - The Limitations of the Law

Where do you see the law and Government working effectively in your community?

Where could the church use its prophetic voice to speak out?

Week 3 ignored outside ministry of social concern
Week 3 UN Assemblee1

Week 4 - The Value of Families

What do you see in these images?
Families can be places of safety and care. However, sometimes they are places of abuse and
exploitation. What do you think leads to these different scenarios?

Week 4 dysfunctional family
Week 4 Functioning family

Week 5 - The Nature of True Freedom

What do you see in these images?
What does good victim care look like?
What can individuals and churches contribute to the recovery process?

Week 5 arm of compassion
Week 5 befriending boat persons1

Week 6 - The Life of a Disciple

What do you see in these images?
What can your church contribute to caring for victims and trying to expose and prevent modern slavery?
What might caring for victims of modern slavery look like for you in the place that God has put you?

Week 6 headscarf women
Week 6 The church standing in the GAP1

The images are available for download here.

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