True Freedom - a new global resource for Lent 2024

30th November 2023 | Press/News release

The Clewer Initiative

The World Council of Churches and The Clewer Initiative combine forces to launch a substantial new resource for Lent 2024.

True Freedom, a six-week course for Lent, draws on themes from the book of Galatians, and encourages individuals and churches to respond to modern slavery in their communities.

It contains Bible studies, victim stories, prayers, illustrations, and examples of Christians taking action against modern slavery and exploitation in Tanzania, Ghana, Italy, Hong Kong, Jamaica, Uruguay and the UK.

The resource is currently available in English. French, Spanish, German and Dutch translations will be available in January 2024.

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The resource is part of an ongoing collaboration, which began in March 2020, between the World Council of Churches (WCC) and The Clewer Initiative. The collaboration has a particular focus on ending child slavery.

The two organisations saw the potential for creating a resource, similar to Woman in the Shadows, Children in the Shadows and Journeys (past Lent devotionals by The Clewer Initiative), but with an international focus.

Bishop Alastair Redfern explains: “Modern slavery is an example of a crime which requires a united but also contextualised response. Because modern slavery and exploitation is present in every community across our globe, the Church has a huge opportunity and responsibility to be on the frontline, identifying and protecting vulnerable people who are at risk of exploitation and caring for victims. It can also advocate for change at the highest levels, using its prophetic voice to challenge governments and cultures.

“Our goal with True Freedom is to help Christians learn more about modern slavery as well as explore what it might look like to fight exploitation in different contexts. It has been humbling to hear from brothers and sisters from around the world who are already passionate about eradicating exploitation and to tell their stories as part of this course.

“The Clewer Initiative has been developing resources for the Church of England, the Anglican Communion and partner churches for a number of years. It is an enormous privilege to collaborate with the World Council of Churches and make this act of witness together.”

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Bishop Alastair Redfern concludes: “True Freedom is just the beginning of the conversation – a starting point from which churches and individuals can forge a path, following in the footsteps of Christians through the ages who have fought for justice and mercy.”

Visit the microsite today!

True freedom homepage image

True Freedom - a six week course for Lent 2024 (English version)

True Freedom in French

True Freedom in Spanish

True Freedom in Dutch

True Freedom in German

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