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An International Resource for Lent 2024

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Over the last six months, The Clewer Initiative has worked closely with the World Council of Churches to create an international Lent Resource, entitled True Freedom.

True Freedom is a six week course, drawing on themes from the book of Galatians, and designed to encourage individuals and churches to respond to modern slavery in their communities.

The resource will have a similar format to our past Lent courses - Women in the Shadows, Children in the Shadows and Journeys. It will include:

  • a short Bible study on the book of Galatians
  • a reflection written by Revd Dr Kenneth Mtata (WCC Programme Director for Public Witness and Diakonia) and Bishop Alastair Redfern (Chair of The Clewer Initiative)
  • questions for group discussion or personal reflection
  • a prayer
  • art work to contemplate and discuss
  • case studies from around the world
  • information and statistics about modern slavery
  • action points that are appropriate for different contexts.

The resource is part of an ongoing collaboration, which began in March 2020, between the World Council of Churches (WCC) and The Clewer Initiative. The collaboration has a particular focus on ending child slavery.

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Through the six week course, we consider:

  • how criminals entice vulnerable people and make false promises and how this contrasts with the wonderful call of the gospel
  • how people are commodified and not viewed as precious children of God
  • the limitations of the law and the role the global church has in speaking up against injustice and lobbying for change.
  • the value of families and the tragedy of broken and fragmented neighbourhoods.
  • our shared responsibility to care for the vulnerable and walk closely with the broken-hearted.
  • the importance of good safeguarding and churches playing a preventative role in protecting people from exploitation.
  • the life of a disciple and the need to persevere for the long haul as we walk in the Spirit and enjoy our freedom as children of God.

We hope this ground-breaking collaboration will result in churches and individuals from around the world using the resource to learn more about modern slavery and most importantly, to begin to take action against it.

On Thurs 18th January 2024, the WCC and The Clewer Initiative will host a webinar to support the dissemination of the resource by churches to their congregations and partners.

Visit the microsite today!

True freedom homepage image

True Freedom - a six week course for Lent 2024 (English version)

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