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Relentless growth

16th January 2024 | From our team

Why is modern slavery and exploitation surging worldwide?

The Clewer Initiative

As we consider our lives in communities across the globe, it is a tragic fact that modern slavery and human trafficking are growing relentlessly in every society.

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Many factors drive this inhuman crime. Here are six we notice and are not going away anytime soon:

• an increasing number of vulnerable people who can be susceptible to false promises and desperate for money

• an increasing distance between employers and those who work for them plus the growth in agency working and long and complex supply chains

• the desire in all of us for cheap goods and services. The key is the low price, not how anything has been produced

• the increasing sophistication of criminal gangs

• what Pope Francis calls the globalisation of indifference. We are all so busy trying to look after ourselves, often looking at our screens, that we don’t notice others

• the climate crisis and mass migration.

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Fiona Kendall, Dan Pratt, Sion Hall, Becca Faal and Bishop Alastair Redfern outline why modern slavery is thriving

In our True Freedom webinar, Bishop Alastair Redfern describes the perfect storm that's driving modern slavery

Some of these drivers are explored further in the introduction to True Freedom. To read more, download the resource at https://www.truefreedom24.com/

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