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Teachers learn from Emma's Story

20th February 2024 | County Lines

The Clewer Initiative

We were recently contacted by a grateful secondary school teacher.

She told us that one of our county lines films had been used in her staff briefing that day and it had made a significant impact on all of her colleagues. This is the film they watched:

Emma's Story

The teacher explained: “During our regular staff briefing at our girls’ school in Devon, we watched the story of a girl getting trapped in county lines. The film was from Journeys, a new resource created by The Clewer Initiative. The film made an enormous impact on the 70 staff watching. The discussion afterwards was lively and insightful as teachers were shocked that an articulate, affluent girl could get drawn into county lines.

"This is something that is increasingly happening in our area so the film was particularly pertinent and a useful training tool.

"It has made an indelible mark on the staff team and touched us in a way that hours of alternative training wouldn’t have been able too.

"Thank you to all those involved in putting this resource together.”

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