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"County Lines" involving the exploitation of children, young people and vulnerable adults in drug trafficking, is fast becoming one of the most prevalent forms of modern slavery in our country.

The Clewer Initiative has produced lesson plans for schools and youth leaders to raise awareness of the nature of county lines. The sessions include information, activities and case studies that show the scale of this crime as well as the impact it has on children, families and communities. Pupils will be encouraged to look out for each other and will be signposted to people and places to go if they have concerns.

Why has The Clewer Initiative developed material for schools?
Teachers, youth leaders and statutory partners who attended our Breaking County Lines courses regularly asked us if we had any material that was suitable for use in schools. We knew there was huge demand for something that could be used directly with children and young people and act as a preventative tool. We decided to develop something for KS3 and KS4, that was ready to go and could be used in secondary schools. We are currently working on material suitable for KS2 too.

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What is in the schools’ resource?
The Clewer Initiative’s Secondary School material consists of three, one hour sessions and includes everything a teacher will need:
- PowerPoints
- links to films
- lesson plans
- additional worksheets
- a resource to be sent home for parents.

The lessons can be taught over three individual weeks or adapted for a particular context. For example, some Pupil Referral Units (PRUs) have divided the lessons into smaller, bite size chunks of 20 minutes. Others have only had space in the timetable for a one hour lesson.

Lesson 1 - Key facts about County Lines and its impact

Learning Objective: To inform children what county lines is, the scale and impact on children, families and communities and where to go and who to speak to if they have any concerns.

Lesson 2 - The role of the police in protecting children and vulnerable adults

Learning Objective: This session can be led by a member of the local police force or a teacher. It is designed to inform children of police activity in addressing county lines in their county both in terms of protecting children and also working with vulnerable adults.

Lesson 3 - Protecting ourselves and o
Learning Objective: To discover and discuss some practical ways students can support themselves and each other to disrupt County Lines drugs gangs.

Who else has been involved?
The material has been developed in collaboration with Cumbria Police and reviewed and approved by the Education Board in Cumbria. It has begun to be piloted across the county of Cumbria in various secondary schools and PRUs.

The materials and activities were appropriate for the children's ages and engaging. The children enjoyed the videos as it shared real life scenarios. Overall, the sessions were very impactful - we believe that they would benefit other children, particularly other vulnerable children.

Deputy Headteacher
North of England
County Lines

Lesson plans for schools

Lesson plans and resources for either 1, 2 or 3 sessions.

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