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Breaking County Lines

Did you know that county lines is a form of modern slavery? Do you know who the victims are, how are they get caught up, and why they can’t escape?

County lines is fast becoming one of the most prevalent forms of modern slavery in the UK.

Drugs gangs make huge profits from exploiting the most vulnerable - usually children and young people - who are targeted, groomed, manipulated, and coerced into drug trafficking and distribution.

Sadly, the very nature of county lines - using children and young people to move drugs around rural communities, towns and cities - means that it is happening all around the country in communities of all types.

Through our work with the Hidden Voices program, county lines stood out as a subject in need of direct focus. Groups saw it as a growing problem in their areas and were highly motivated to find ways of responding to it, but felt they needed a deeper understanding of the issue. So Breaking County Lines was born.

About Breaking County Lines

The courses are designed as a resource to enable churches and communities to understand and raise awareness of the scale of the problem and spot the signs of its presence. Breaking County Lines is spread across two modules, and includes digital stories based on personal experience, group activities, supporting information, and biblical reflections.

Module 1 gives participants the information they need to understand and detect County Lines in their communities. Module 2 focuses on the protection of children, young people, and vulnerable adults. The Clewer Initiative also runs a separate training course, focussed on developing community resilience.

We hope that by using the resource you will feel informed, inspired and ready to take action against the scourge of County Lines in your communities.

Online courses

We run Breaking County Lines 'Train the Trainer' courses for those who want to take the course out to their own communities, as well as regular Learning Forums for those who have already attended the County Lines courses.

Courses are available for church groups and statutory agencies, with adapted course materials for each type of group (both secular and faith courses and resources are available). Online courses take place over two 2-hour modules.

The sessions make use of videos and other content to gain an understanding of county lines, how it operates in our communities, and what we can do to respond.

Training for parents, guardians, grandparents, and foster parents

County lines is prevalent in all communities and children from all backgrounds and circumstances can be at risk. Therefore it's important that parents, grandparents, foster parents, and guardians are aware of county lines and its impacts on young people and vulnerable adults.

We have developed bespoke online training sessions to raise awareness and equip those with caring responsibilities with ways of responding appropriately.

If you would like to find out more about the courses and upcoming course dates, please email us at: or visit our online training page.

The Clewer Initiative owns the intellectual property rights of all training materials which are available through attendance on one of our courses, or downloadable from our website, including but not limited to: text, artwork, drawings, designs, video and audio.

Whilst materials are primarily designed for church use, we allow groups and organisations to use our materials as freely as possible subject to the following conditions: use and copying of the materials is for non-commercial purposes; you acknowledge that The Clewer Initiative owns the intellectual property rights in all use of the materials; you do not copy, develop or modify any materials without the express written permission of The Clewer Initiative via

We reserve the right to withdraw or withhold permission to use, copy, develop or modify our materials at any time.

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