Journeys - the film archive

Our new resource Journeys is made up of a series of hard-hitting films featuring the stories of victims and interviews with front-line volunteers and modern slavery specialists.

The films are available in two different formats - as 5-minute mini films or as standalone monologues which feature the victim stories alone.

The mini films

Watch the mini-films and share them with your networks.

Could you organise a film night or seminar to watch the films back-to-back, asking a few searching questions in between? This could take less than an hour and has worked extremely well in the past.

The Journey Begins

First Encounters

False Starts and New Directions

The Full Horror of the Crime

Finding Restoration

The standalone monologues

These short films are brilliant at informing people about some of the different forms of modern slavery. They each last around 3 minutes.

Mihail's story - a victim of labour exploitation

Emma's story - a victim of county lines

Richard's story - the father of a victim of financial exploitation

Rayowa's story - a victim of domestic servitude

Jing's story of recovery

Our thanks to

- DH&Co who created these beautiful and haunting films

- Acclaimed writer, April De Angelis, who researched and wrote the survivor monologues

- And the five talented actors and actresses who brought their stories to life - Ivo Tonchev (Mihail), Lydia Fitzwilliams (Emma), John Rayment (Richard), Oluwaseyi Adeyanju (Rayowa) and Alex Guo (Jing)

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