Six new prayers

as we fight modern slavery in our communities

We long to make a difference across the world in fighting modern slavery and exploitation. If this is to happen, our actions and resolutions must be underpinned in prayer.

We have written six prayers to inspire your intercessions.

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  • A prayer of lament

Holy God, we repent of the part we have played in allowing this dreadful crime to become established in our communities. We are sorry for our apathy, indifference and busyness. We lament our sin and selfishness. We join our cries for help to all the hidden voices of your children suffering from criminal exploitation.

As we learn to recognise and share their pain, may we be brought closer to all around us who are hurting in this way, so that together we may be ready to know your healing love. We pray through Jesus, who walked the way of suffering to bring new life to all, Amen.

  • A prayer of commitment

Holy Father, help us to dedicate ourselves to your service, through reaching out to those in whom your image is being damaged. May we be inspired to review the priorities and practices which shape our own lives, so we can offer more time and resource to serving you through this special calling. We ask in the name of Jesus, who gave himself for others, that your will may be one. Amen.

  • A prayer for resilience

Lord God, give us the courage and commitment to persevere when we face challenges and setbacks in this special calling. Let our hearts be rooted in you, and the cries of your exploited children, so that we may be inspired to continue in the journey to which you call us. Teach us to trust in your power and your presence, for Jesus’ sake. Amen.

  • A prayer for the Church as a family

Heavenly Father, we give thanks for the worldwide family of the church, and for the privilege of being a part of your Body in the world. May we be nourished by your word, your sacraments, and the fellowship through which hope, mercy and grace can be shared, so that our witness of love for others may be according to your will, and follow in the way of Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

  • A prayer for victims

Most merciful Father, we raise our prayers to you for the increasing number of victims of slavery and trafficking. Whisper hope into their ears and wipe away their tears. Help us see them and support them. Enable our communities to transform the systems which increase poverty and make so many people vulnerable to exploitation. Inspire our church communities to tackle the root causes of modern slavery so that hurt may be healed, despair becomes hope, and isolation become fellowship – through our suffering saviour, Jesus Christ, Amen.

  • A prayer as we gather

As we gather for our Bible study and prayer, make us mindful of the many blessings we enjoy, and open our eyes to see the needs of your children, trapped in slavery, trafficking, and exploitation. May our blessings become a source of your saving grace to others. We pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.

These six prayers have been taken from our new resource, True Freedom

Lent True Freedom 7

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