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Our Advent campaign

23rd November 2023 | Awareness raising ideas

The Clewer Initiative

For Advent this year, The Clewer Initiative is shining a spotlight on the vital role healthcare professionals play in identifying and caring for victims of modern slavery.

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Our churches and communities are full of people who work for the NHS and it is important to keep modern slavery at the forefront of their minds as they head into work each day.

To help raise awareness, we have written a number of articles about how the NHS is on the frontline in tackling modern slavery in this country and issues surrounding vulnerable patients.

  1. Modern slavery & pregnancy - a general introduction into the challenges modern slavery victims face when also pregnant
  2. Four stories from the NHS frontlines - true case studies of patients who presented with signs of slavery and what NHS professionals did to help
  3. Signposting support to vulnerable mothers - the importance of healthcare professionals knowing how to spot the signs of slavery
  4. Improving maternity care for victims of slavery - a scoping review pioneered by University of Nottingham's Rights Lab
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We have also created four unique prayers - one for each Sunday in Advent.

Please share these widely!

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