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The Diocese of London are working through their joint venture with Church Urban Fund – Capital Mass – to spread the word about modern slavery. The vision of Capital Mass is to see every parish in London tackling injustice and inequality. They are helping to make connections between organisations working to end modern slavery and congregations who want to make a difference.

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We are working with Capital Mass – a Joint Venture between Church Urban Fund and the Diocese of London – to tackle modern slavery in the Diocese of London. Capital Mass aims to engage and support every parish in the Diocese of London in tackling poverty and inequality.

As the nation’s capital and biggest city, there are a huge amount of victims of modern slavery going through London, either on the way to be exploited somewhere else or as a end point for their exploitation. In 2017, 5145 potential victims of modern slavery were found in the UK, 1608 of them were discovered in London.

London’s churches have a huge role to play in spotting the signs of modern slavery, and caring for the victims.

As Bishop Sarah explained when she announced the Diocese of London’s 2019 Lent Appeal for Modern Slavery:

There are at least 40 million victims of modern day slavery in the world today, and tens of thousands in the UK. In one of the wealthiest countries in the world, in a capital city heralded for its history and culture, modern slavery is thriving. Thousands are forced into domestic servitude, forced labour or sexual exploitation in plain sight of Londoners, and many more are at risk of falling through the cracks, hidden from the view of the authorities, charities and the church. Behind those statistics there are real people. Whether it be a woman or girl trafficked to work in the illegal sex trade, a man forced to work on a construction site or a child married against their will, none are free.

The Rt Revd Sarah Mullally, Bishop of London

Key features

Mobilising London's networks

There are many projects and organisations already tackling modern slavery in London. The work of Capital Mass is to link up Christians from the Diocese who are passionate about ending modern slavery and supporting the victims with organisations doing great work on the ground. They are also helping London’s congregations to support those organisations financially, primarily through the Bishop of London’s 2019 Lent Appeal, the proceeds of which will go to five modern slavery charities based in the Diocese.

Slavery-proofed existing projects

Food banks, soup kitchens, toddler groups, and winter night shelters - there is a long list of the ways that churches in the Diocese of London are supporting the most vulnerable in society. All of those people are also at risk of modern slavery, as traffickers prey on those who are the most desperate and have the least to lose. Capital Mass is working to ‘slavery-proof’ these projects, helping volunteers to understand how their guests are at risk of modern slavery and what they can do to help protect them.

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